Archimede Solar Energy (ASE) was founded in 2007 with the primary goal of designing and manufacturing technologically innovative solar receivers of extremely high quality for use in the latest generation of thermodynamic power plants.ASE is the only producer worldwide of solar receiver tubes, with spectrally selective coating,that are stable up to 600 ° C.This thermal stability allows the heat transfer fluid to operate efficiently at temperatures of up to 550 ° C, which is essential if molten salts technology is to be used.


In China, ASE is collaborating with CSPBH in the development of the first large scale (55MW) commercial power plant in Gansu Province (Akesai), China,using molten salt technology, and has already delivered thousands of receivers for installation by CSPBH.


The Huiyin Group, in an unjustifiable act of commercial interference,hasrecently accused CSPBH of infringing an unexamined Chinese Utility Model by its use of products embodying ASE’s glass-to-metal sealing (GMS) technology, which was exclusively developed by ASE.ASE strongly denies infringement of any valid intellectual property rights claimed or owned by the Huiyin Group, or anyone else,and rejectsits groundless allegations as being misconceived, reckless and totally without merit.


Following advice from ASE’s lawyers and patent experts in Italy and China, ASE now hereby declaresand reconfirms that its GMS technology does not infringe any valid patent rights owned by third parties.  CSPBH and ASE will take all possiblesteps to defend their position inthe Chinese market against any commercially motivated attempts by their competitors, including the Huiyin Group, to defame ASE’s products and to denigrate their market leadership in the high temperature solar receiver business.  ASE has been increasingly successfulin penetrating the Chinese market due to the quality, reliability and innovation of its solar receivers and this has resulted in unjustified attacks being made by manufacturers of lower performance products.


According to a detailed analysis carried out by ASE’S patent experts, Huiyin Group’spatent rights include Chinese Utility Models which are irrelevant, unexamined, untested, andclearly invalid for lack of both novelty and inventiveness.


ASE’s high quality products manufacturing capability hasrecently been expanded to include newhigh-performance products. In particular, ASE has recentlyincluded in its portfolio aninnovative coating for medium temperature applications (named Coating Plus).Accordingto independent third party laboratory certifications,ASE’s Coating Plus products haveunmatched superlative performance for thermal emissivity and solar absorption rates. ASE has also introduced a 90 mm diameter receiver familyof products in response to strong commercial demand. ASE’s continuous efforts in new products developmentwill reinforce its current technology leadership. 

News Source: Archimede Solar Energy (ASE)