Who will win China 1GW CSP pilot projects?


The national CSP pilot project kick-off meeting was held this morning. 109 projects are reported on the final applicant list. Mr. Liang Zhipeng, Deputy Director of New Energy & Renewable Energy Dept. of National Energy Administration (NEA) made two expectations about timing of the projects: starting construction by Sept. 2016; being commissioned by end of 2017.


China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute (CREEI) was commissioned by NEA to submit review report of the CSP pilot projects by Nov.15. And today Nov.10 is the deadline for the applicants to submit project materials to CREEI expert team. Predictably, the review work of CREEI for the CSP pilot projects will last five days starting from today.


As CSP Focus reports earlier, the final list of the winners and the confirmed FiT for the CSP pilot projects (total capacity predicted as around 1GW) is optimistically expected to be announced by the end of this year.


It is estimated that the total investment for the 1GW projects is around RMB 30billion (USD 4.7billion), obviously huge market value will be generated and bring great business opportunities for all industry players home and abroad. Specifically about the key components and materials, the predicted values for reflector, receiver tube, HTF and molten salt are RMB 1.3billion, RMB 1.296billion, RMB 0.6billion and RMB 1.96billion respectively.


Almost 100 companies applied for such a national pilot plan and around 10~20 projects will be finalized. According to the research with some industry players, the winners will be the applicants who are relatively well-prepared, experienced in technology or project and strong in financing. The predicted projects are listed as below:


State-owned companies:

1.       CGN Delingha 50MW parabolic trough project

2.       State Power Investment Corporation Delingha 2*135MW tower project (joined by Shanghai Electric & BrightSource)

3.       CITIC Zhangjiakou 2*50MW Linear Fresnel project

4.       Huadian Jingta 50MW parabolic trough project

5.       Datang Erdos 50MW parabolic trough project

6.       Huaneng Golmud 50MW Linear Fresnel project

7.       Guohua Taiyangshan 50MW molten salt tower project


Private companies:

1.       SUPCON Delingha 50MW molten salt tower project

2.       Huaqiang Zhangjiakou 50MW Linear Fresnel project

3.       Rayspower Yumen/Hami 100MW parabolic trough project

4.       Royal Tech Wuzhongqi 100MW parabolic trough project

5.       Shouhang Dunhuang 2*50MW molten salt tower project

6.       Lanzhou Dacheng Dunhuang 100MW Linear Fresnel project

7.       Gansu Solar Thermal Akesai 50MW molten salt parabolic trough project (Shenzhen Jinfan/Tianjin Binhai Solar Thermal)


CSP Focus has wrapped up the detailed analysis on the market value and candidates’ competiveness, click here to submit and download Predictive Analysis on Market Value & Winners of China 1GW CSP Pilot Projects.

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