Speaker&sponsor collection--Mar.24-25 CSP Focus China 2016


Firstly, let’s review what are happening in China CSP market:

l  The government announced 1GW pilot projects to be developed and completed by 2017, and the bidding results are expected to come out by the end of this year;

l  China National Energy Administration (NEA) is working hard on confirming the target for CSP during 13th Five-year (2016-2020) and the total capacity is expected to be 10GW;

l  All key biddings for China first commercial parabolic trough project—CGN Delingha 50MW plant have been just completed and everything is going quite well with the construction;

l  Over a hundred of projects are under plan or development by state-owned corporations, private companies, joint-ventures and foreign developers…


Undoubtedly, huge market potentials and equipment purchasing demands will be generated for all value chain industry players. It is time for you to come to China and explore the possibilities for your business! As the top brand for commercial CSP gathering in China and globe, CSP Focus is organizing the 6th Annual conference for all who are or will be China CSP industry players—CSP Focus China 2016 Mar.24-25 Beijing. The two-day event will welcome over 300 industry players home and abroad including policy makers, developers/EPCs, system integrators, technology/service/key component providers etc.


Speakers, partners and sponsors are now under collection, if you had any creative topics to share, services to brand, or products to showcase please don’t hesitate to let me know!


Just click here to tell me about your intentions, and you may also download the Post Report of CSP Focus China 2015 or Program of CSP Focus China 2016 by submitting your enquiries.


CSP Focus China 2016 Agenda at a Glance >>



Day I



Plenary Session

l  An   Overview of China CSP Market 

l  Deep   analysis and forecast on current and future policies

l  Global   experience of CSP development

Day II



CSP Project Development, EPC, O&M (Room A)

System Integration & Advanced Technologies (Room   B)

l  How   to start a CSP project---From the very beginning

l  Problems   in development and resolutions

l  Experience   in better O&M

l  Suggestions   on international cooperation

l  Solar   field design

l  Advanced   technologies on key components

l  HTF   & TES innovations

l  Power   Block and BOP

l  Possibilities   exploration of cost reduction




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