China Suncan Dunhuang 110MW CSP Tower project


SunCan CSP is a joint venture established in 2012 by Beijing Shouhang Resources Saving Co., Ltd, its major business includes CSP (parabolic trough & tower power) project investment, development & operation, system design, R&D, EPC, technical services and other solar fields like Enhanced Oil Recovery, Desalination and Industrial Heating.


As CSP Focus reported earlier, led by Dr. Yao Zhihao, General Manager of SunCan, the company is fully getting involved in the construction of Suncan Dunhuang 110MW CSP Tower project with molten salt as the medium for both heat transfer and energy storage. The second phase of 100MW has started to be constructed by last Nov. in 2015, and the first phase of 10MW (15 hours storage capacity, annual operating time: 5000 h+) has finished turbine and heliostats. The whole project is expected to be commissioned by the end of 2017.


As for the China around 1GW CSP pilot project program under evaluation, SunCan forwarded three projects including the Dunhuang 110MW plant and the other two are located in Inner Mongolia and Zhangjiakou. Besides, SunCan are also involved in other applicant projects as EPC and technical supporter.


To share more details and progress of the project, Dr. Yao Zhihao, General Manager of SunCan will present CSP Focus China 2016 during Mar.24-25 in Beijing. If you would like to join us, just submit the following information to to register.






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