Schott Dismissed Claims against Weihai Golden Solar

Huiyinwins over SCHOTT Solar- in 2014, SCHOTT Solar filed its patentinfringement complaint against Weihai Golden Solar (Huiyin) of a bellows construction commonly used by Chinese suppliers, case number 14-cv-02892-MSK-KLM. However, the bellows construction design that Huiyin used was fundamentally different from the patent involved.After fact discoveryby an American law firm and expert appraisals, Weihai Golden Solar (Huiyin)finally wins over Schott Solar. According to USDistrict Court of Colorado, SCHOTT Solar CSP GmbH (“SCHOTT”) dismissedall claims unilaterally against Weihai Golden SolarThermal Industrials Co., Ltd (“Huiyin”), filed on Jan 15, 2016. Huiyin is considering a case against SCHOTT Solar over unethical business practices.


As the only receiver tube manufacturer in China that has more than 100 MW commercial references, Weihai Golden Solar (Huiyin) owns intellectual property of 37 invention patents, 5 technologies licensed from abroad;certificates from recognized institutes for its products, such as CIEMAT, DLR, NREL, TUV.


Weihai Golden Solar (Huiyin)has a capacity of 100,000 tubes per year. Its products are mainly used in the solar thermal industry, especially on power plants such as trough and Fresnel systems, and for middle temperature applications.Weihai Golden Solar (Huiyin) has supplied receiver tubes in 2013 to Areva’s 125 MW power plant, and Skyfuel33 MW Stillwater project.


Huiyinconcentrates on receiver tubes manufacturing.Huiyin has no EPC activities, nor does it develop projects, or compete with its customers, Huiyin’s goal is to be a strong independent component supplier.


Huiyinwill continuously develop its technical leadership position, offer the best price quality ration in the market and strive for new services that enable our customers to build their business. This is because at Huiyin we have a passion for technology and a focus on our customers.

Souce: Huiyin Group