Primary overseas companies active in China CSP market


China National Energy Administration released the “Notification on Organizing the Construction of 1GW CSP Pilot Projects” on Sept. 30 this year. On December 15th last year, China National Energy Administration issued “Suggestions Draft of Solar energy” in the 13th Plan of Five-year, this draft covers three industries in the 13th Plan of Five-year National Development suggestions including PV, CSP and solar heat industry. The draft has formally put forward the target of CSP Capacity of 10GW by the end of 2020 and raised the target of 800 million square meters in solar heat collector area installation.  


Due to Chinese companies don’t have more practical experience, foreign firms enter the China market is relatively easy. In addition, China CSP projects require foreign companies’ cooperation. Overseas players can hold the latest CSP technology in China (China CSP market is a big fresh cake waiting for the right companies arrival), and find their right partners.


The demand of overseas CSP players seeking cooperation with pertinent China enterprises is significantly rising. It is expected that a large number of overseas manufacturers, project developers, EPC, etc. will enter Chinese market in the near future. As a technology-intensive industry, CSP development will be quickly and effectively boosted with overseas players’ involvement.


CSP Focus made statistics on the active overseas vendors who have invested much into China CSP market. These companies will be first batch beneficiaries in the booming market of China.


There is the list of active overseas vendors in China CSP market

Company Name

Business Type

Main events in China market

BrightSource,   USA

Technology   Provider/EPC

·BrightSource has branch companies in Hong Kong and   Beijing.

·The EPC of 2*135MW tower project in Delingha, Qinghai   province.

Abengoa,   Spain


·Planning 2 projects in Golmud

 and Wulan, Qinghai province.

·Participate in EPC bidding of CGN 50MW parabolic trough   project now.

Aries,   Spain


·Winning owner engineer(OE) bidding of CGN 50MW parabolic   trough project in Delinha, Qinghai province.

Ingeteam,   Spain


·Winning basic design(BE) bidding of CGN 50MW parabolic   trough project in Delinha, Qinghai province.

Ener-t,   Israel


·Participating in EPC bidding of CGN 50MW parabolic   trough project. 

·Participate in many other CSP projects in regions like   Shanxi province.       

SolarReserve,   USA

Technology   Provider

·Keeping a watchful eye on Chinese market with no   involvement so far.

Solutia   Therminol Co. Ltd., USA

Heat   transfer oil Provider

·A joint venture Established by EASTMAN,USA and Jiangsu   Suhua Group Co., Ltd.

·Winning heat transfer oil bidding of CGN 50MW parabolic   trough project in Delinha, Qinghai province.

·Specializing in THERMINOL HTF production & sale and   relevant technology service.

·In 2012, Eastman Chemical Company purchased Solutia,   and then established Solutia Therminol Co. Ltd (China) as a branch.

Flabeg/SBP,   Gernamy

Reflective   Mirror /

Solar   Field Technology Provider

·Having a deep business root in Chinese market.

·The two cooperate to design EuroTrough.

Schott,   Germany

Solar   Receiver Provider

·Having supplied products to many domestic small-scale   projects.

Rioglass,   Spain

Solar   Receiver/Reflective Mirror Provider

·Signing cooperation deals of establishing a joint   venture with Tianjin ZhongHuan Electronic And Information(Group)Co.,Ltd. (Sep   2014).

·The joint venture is in Inner Mongolia, specializing in   reflective mirror production, under construction, expected to go into   operation by end 2015.

· Supplying products to a number of   domestic small-scale pilot projects.

SQM,   Chile

Molten   Salt Provider

·Having subsidiaries or joint ventures in Beijing,   Qingdao and Chengdu.

·The subsidiary in Beijing is responsible for domestic   CSP market promotion.

Erfis,   Germany

Innovative   CSP Solution Provider

·Independently developing Erfitrough heat receiver: 2mm   ultra-thin reflective mirror.

·Seeking for Chinese business partners now.

DNV   GL, Norway&Germany

Consulting   Institute

·An independent third-party certificate authority.

·Providing services including but not limited to design   consulting.

·Having provided relevant services to domestic   companies, eg. Rayspower.

CSPServices,   Germany

Measurement   Institute

·Domestic customers cover Damin Glass, Rayspower, Royal   Tech CSP, Sundhy, Sunhome, Sunnpo and Taiwan Glass.

·Service ranges from product testing to solar field   quality measurement, etc.

SolengCo   GmbH, Germany

Engineering   Consulting

·Starting focusing on China CSP market in 2014.

·Providing services regarding feasibility study, site   selection study, concept design, OE service, project construction,   commissioning, warranty and O&M.

AGC,   Japan

Low   Iron Glass Provider

·Global leading provider of low-iron ultra clear glass.

·Having branch in Dalian, Liaoning province.

·Keeping a close watch on Chinese CSP market. Having   cooperation with many domestic companies.

Cleanergy,   Sweden

Dish   System Provider

·Completing construction of the first 100kW dish   stirling pilot project in China in Sep. 2012(upgraded to 110kW).

·Cooperating with China HuaDian Engineering Co., Ltd. In   developing a 50MW dish stirling project.

Yokogawa   Electric, Japan

DCS   System Provider

·Keeping close watch on China CSP market.

·Developing China market through Yokogawa Beijing   Research Center.

EDF,   France

Research   Institute

·Involving in Chinese CSP development through EDF   Research Center China Division.

·Participating in 1MW tower pilot project in Yanqing,   Beijing.

·Having deep research experience in cutting-edge CSP   technology.

KROHNE,   Germany

Ultrasonic   Flow-Meter Provider

·Established A wholly-owned subsidiary in Shanghai,   China.

·Providing products, like HTF (molten salt) flow-meter.

MAN,   Germany

CSP   Turbine Provider

·Keeping a close watch on China CSP market.

·Having received a few CSP turbine orders.

Schaeffler,   Germany

Bearing   Provider

·Establishing a    subsidiary in

Shanghai,   China. Responsible for domestic CSP business.

·A leading enterprise providing rolling & sliding   bearing solutions, line &direct drive technology.

Wacker   Chemical, Germany

Organic   Silicon heat transfer oil Provider

·Providing innovative Organic Silicon heat transfer oil.

·Seeking for Chinese business development now.

Dunkermotoren,   Germany

Drive   Motor Provider

·Establishing a subsidiary in Taicang, China.

·Leading manufacturer in drive motor production.



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