List of China local CSP industry players


First of all, at the joyful moment of New Year, CSP Focus team presents sincere and warm greetings to all CSP industry players, and wishes you peace, joy and happiness through Christmas and the coming year.


Coming back to China CSP industry, triggered by “Notification on Organizing the Construction of 1GW CSP Pilot Projects” released China National Energy Administration (NEA) on Sept. 30, the market is widely acclaimed to be ready to hug its spring in near future. Despite a slow start, China remains a particularly exciting market for CSP with thermal storage, given the country’s ambitious goals for CSP deployment.


During the last decade of CSP development, the market has been witnessing the birth, development, struggles and rise of many local CSP companies. And now it’s time for them to share jump-up with the whole market and surely will be the first batch of beneficiaries.


Covering the full value chain, China local enterprises are now active in project development and construction. Representatives include developer/EPCs like CGN Solar, State Power Investment Corporation Huanghe Hydropower, SUPCON, SUNCAN and Northwest Engineering Power Design Institute, and equipment/materials/services providers like Royal Tech CSP, Sundhy, Huiyin Group, Enesoon and Dongfang Turbine etc.




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